12 May 2016

Spring Star Flowers

Last July, I designed a crocheted flower (with snowflake) from a photo in a gardening catalog. I had never seen a spring star flower, but the blue color of one variety grabbed me by the collar and wouldn't let go. I ordered a few bulbs.

The flowers were advertised as fragrant ground cover when stepped on, and I wondered why in the world anyone would ever want to step on such a pretty flower. The onion-like stalks are supposed to repel deer and bunnies. I was already sold on the color; the potential for keeping garden terrorists away from my tulips and lupines was a super bonus.

We've had only two weeks of true spring (with 13 inches of snow just two weeks ago, hopefully our final snow until September or October), but the deer have already been munching on my tulips and my lupine foliage.

"My, what a beautiful snack tray you have!"


How many bites does it take to get to the center of a tulip? One.

lupine salad

"Oh, look! Dessert!"

I planted one of the spring star flower bulbs right next to the lupine last September. I also planted little green onion seeds around the lupine, hoping that would help fend off the hungry deer. When the spring star flower greenery came up, I didn't know what it was and assumed it was a crocus that just wasn't going to bloom because all the crocus finished up their gorgeous displays back in early April. The foliage is similar.


Last week, I got my very first real, not thread, spring star flower, and baby, am I in heaven! Look at how realistic my crocheted flower is compared to the real thing!!!

crocheted spring star flower

real spring star flower

Let's see if the deer munch on my lupines now!


  1. Does it deter squirrels too, I planted over 100 daffodils which deer stay away from and then the squirrels dug them all up I guess, so I had only 10 left to bloom. Love the deer pics, love the squirrel, I even feed them, but love my daffodils more.

    1. Not sure, Dreams. I haven't had trouble with squirrels, thank heavens. The deer here, though, will eat just about anything when they are hungry. :)

  2. haha they sure do enjoy your snack tray. There is a butt joke or two with the second pic, but I'll forgo it.

    1. Thank you, Pat! Not so sure I'm in the mood for deer butt jokes. :D

  3. Love those Been to long since I visited you and what a wonderful post to do it on. I miss having flowers and gardens.

    1. Welcome back, Michelle! I haven't been able to visit other blogs much lately, so I owe you a visit, too!


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