27 May 2016

Friday Fun

This mountain will be one of my premier training rides this year as I prepare one more time to try to get up Pikes Peak for once and for all.

Bob Cook Memorial Hill Climb from Primal Wear on Vimeo.

I've successfully ridden to the top of Mount Evans ten times, I think, but never at the pace these guys (and gals) ride. They do it in about two hours. It takes me more than four hours. I think my best time ever was four hours and five minutes. I don't race. I just try to make it to the top. Like they say in the video, mountain goats along the side of the road make the ride all that much better!

2015 Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb - 50 Years from Primal Wear on Vimeo.


  1. Just getting up it is a feat. On a bike it would probably take me a year lol I'd rather walk it.

  2. Nice videos on Mount Evans. Pikes Peak has your name on it this year.


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