17 May 2016

Change of Pace

I was getting a little bored with socks, having made 22 pairs as Christmas presents (a few years ago). I longed to productively and purposefully channel creativity brewing deep inside.

First, I made smaller socks from leftover sock yarn. I intended these mini socks to hang on the Christmas tree.

My friends insisted these charmers would make wonderful baby socks if I made two of each instead of just one.

So a bundle of twins were born. Once again, even mini socks get boring after 10 pairs, so I decided baby socks need something else to keep them interesting. What else besides soft, cuddly lizards?!? Named after the places they were born! (Because I often crochet in the car while The Lizard takes me to awesome, eye-popping, jaw-dropping Colorado venues.)

One sock yarn I liked so much, I decided to try designing a baby sweater to go with the baby socks. A neighbor was having her very first baby, and I'd bought some Onesies and blue baby stuff for her first son. I used the Onesies to size the sweater. I remember thinking at the time maybe I wouldn't have to buy baby gifts from now on. I can make my own!

Most socks don't leave enough yarn for a baby sweater, so I decided to try designing a baby hat to match a pair of baby socks.

Then, of course, I had to do a matching adult hat. Because I had to. That meant a couple pairs of Christmas socks included a bonus to keep some very special people warm head to toe! (One even got gloves, too!)

I then decided adult socks should have matching hand warmers. My next craze was fingerless gloves. I personally think they are silly because MY fingers need warmth in the depths of winter, not exposure to cold air! One of my friends explained the love of fingerless mittens: people can't operate their hand-held devices with their fingers, particularly their thumbs, bundled up!

Monster socks, a.k.a Frankenstein socks, made of leftovers from a variety of projects, were the rage at the time, so I had to try my hand at the fad.

Of course, no winter set is complete without a scarf or cowl, so I designed a monster cowl, too, made entirely with leftovers...

...and then after that, a monster vest!

Oh, and somewhere in all that sock madness, I decided to see how small I could go. I made thread sock key chains. I knitted the cuffs with toothpicks. Yes, really. On the bumpy train!

I have a ton more ideas up my sleeve, but my sleeves typically are attached to the collar of working stiff. Hmmm... maybe I need to make a working stiff sleeve. Could always use it as an arm warmer on the bicycle!

the unmade warm silk sleeves (and sweater) await


  1. Wow, you sure know how to change it up and design just about everything indeed. Thought the cat was real there for a second lol

    1. I wish that cat was real, Pat! I miss my kitties!

  2. Okay....go even smaller by crocheting sock earrings! I know you can do it.
    You do such beautiful work.

    1. Done deal, Maria!!! Right here.

      But you did inspire me to try knitting a smaller pair. I wonder if those tiny needles you sent will do the trick!

  3. That is a LOT of socks!!! They are all so very cute though!!! .... Oh ... Biking socks?????

    1. That might make a fun project, Alycia! Or maybe I should finish the cycling gloves I started...


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