01 April 2016

Family Portrait

This is the oldest member of Snowcatcher's family. Goes by the name of Big Gun. Dressed for snowflake and ladybug hunting. Three surgeries to date and still clicking, 146,000 photos strong. Can do anything, anytime, anywhere. Macros, telephotos, timed exposures, long exposures, weddings, portraits, wildlife, wildflowers, scenics, news, multiple exposures, you name it. Except movies. But who cares? Who needs movies? Don't believe anything other members of the family say about Big Gun. They're just jealous. Big Gun is THE king of the nest. Always has been. Always will be. Old but reliable.

This is Lizard's Little Cam. Acquired so Big Gun didn't have to go to work. Too much wear and tear on the old fogie. Little Cam can do movies. Ha ha ha ha! Adopted by Lizard after Snowcatcher's Little Cam, almost a twin, joined the family. Loves bikepacking. Healthy workhorse. Tougher and better-looking than the Olympus point-and-shoot it replaced, and shinier and sharper-dressed than the almost twin. Nanny nanny boo boo.

Snowcatcher's Little Cam joined the family last year when Snowcatcher discovered Lizard's Little Cam is afraid of the dark. Second-hand, cheap as dirt, but willing to stay up late for full moons, fireworks, star trails, lightning, light painting and Milky Ways. Only member of Snowcatcher's Nikon family with full transmission. (Sticks tongue out at almost twin while Mom isn't looking.)

Big Shot snuck into the family a couple of months ago while Big Gun was in surgery for the third time. Just in case. Cheap and easy. Second-hand but younger than Big Gun by about 125,000 shots. (Actuations in photojournalist lingo.) Previous family couldn't handle hefty 300-page manual. Can do anything Big Gun can do, but doesn't see much action because Big Gun is the favored child. No jealousy; just patiently hangs out for the opportune moment to cut in and make a scene. Literally. Shoots GREAT scenes. Once Snowcatcher figures out it can do snowflakes, too, lenses will roll. Makes no secret it plans to be the favored child when Big Gun retires once and for all.

Now you know the whole Snowcatcher family and the rest of the story. And if you believe these characters have such personality, we've got some old darkroom equipment, a used iPhone 4, a used iPhone 3, a broken tripod and six bicycles you can buy at a premium! Really!

PS: No, it's April 1, and they are NOT for sale.


  1. haha everything can have character to it. Have to find a fitting punishment for the tongue sticking out.

  2. Where do you take them when they're in need of a doctor? I'm in Denver too, and mine need to see someone.

    1. Hi, Shan. Mike's Camera in Boulder. They do excellent work.


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