12 April 2016

Wave Immersed

Back in December, I bought a gift Mighty Lucky Quilting Club for my quilting friend Ruthie. When my husband seemed interested in the monthly challenge and my six-year-old neighbor begged me to teach her to quilt, I thought it might be fun if all four of us participate.

As is the case whenever lofty goals are set, life gets in the way, motivation dwindles, creativity doesn't spark and accountability wanes.

None of us have done a blasted thing on the challenge, although all four of us have been devoting at least some time to our respective sewing machines.

When the April challenge, Personal Photo as Piecing Inspiration, was announced, boy was my heart aflutter!

I have wanted to quilt The Wave ever since before we saw it in person the first time, and seeing it twice now has served only to deeply magnify that urge.

So I gave my Wave photos a quick spin, and I am in love with too many of the choices!!! Then, do I dye my fabric, or do I invest in another Kona color spurt? (A wave of red rock hues have been on my wishlist since the first time I saw Colorado National Monument, another quilting ambition one day...)

The easiest part of these choices will be the size. If I keep my project small, just like the challenge examples, I can always do more. And more, and more. I could even do a montage, if I like how they turn out. Or an artsy quilt installation. I could try to get back on the exhibition track.

Naaaaa. Let's just get the April challenge done for now! Gotta narrow down my choices:

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  1. Such a great spot to explore indeed, sure giving the wave a spin will keep you spinning away


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