14 April 2016

Hyacinth Rescue

Hyacinths apparently can begin blooming beneath a thick blanket of snow.

The combined weight of our final two blizzards of calendar winter was a little more than some of the budding hyacinths could bear, however. As the snow melted, I found several blossoms broken from the main stalk.

The scent of hyacinths is so heavenly addictive, I couldn't stand to lose a single flower. I salvaged the broken flowers and placed them in the dish of an indoor terracotta pot, not knowing if they would open with a little window sunlight of just wither and die.

Two days later, those tiny blossoms had scented my entire kitchen! I fully enjoyed about six days of severed hyacinths! I wish our computers could do scratch and sniff! What a treat!!!

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  1. Good save at your sea, blah to the snow. Glad it is gone now. Scratch and sniff is probably being tried somewhere for computers.

  2. Yes, it was quite the inside treat. If the flowers make it through the coming weekend weather (snow is forecast), perhaps we'll be through the worst of the cold temperatures.


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