21 April 2016

Rock On

Some have asked how my crocheted rocks hold up through winter.

This was the first winter a few of them didn't survive.

I began placing crocheted rocks in my garden three or four years ago, hoping the cotton would retain water during the hottest summer days and keep my flowers from burning in the sun and withering during frequent droughts.

After nearly three months beneath a thick white blanket, one particular trio of rocks emerged in April bottomless.

I suspect these particular rocks fell victim to the leftover Mountain Dew from a friend's visit I poured into my garden mound to discourage endless slugs who seemed to have developed quite the taste for irises. All the rest of the rocks in my garden are fine; none of the rest drank any caffeine or carbonation.

Kind of scary to me to think people put pop into their tummies after seeing the decayed cotton thread on the bottoms of the deteriorating rocks.

I'm going to replace the coverings on the three bottomless rocks because I think my plan to keep my garden from frying is working; just three damaged rocks while about 100 more are as good as the day I finished each of them.

One of the damaged crocheted coverings was nowhere to be found. But the rock it covered sports stylish tan lines now!

1 comment :

  1. haha the rock can sure say it is original. Yeah, not sure how people put that crap in them knowing what it can do.


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