31 March 2016

Snow Day!!!

11 inches plus 40 mph wind equals... SNOW DAY!

That kind of storm is too icky to go out in, but conditions are ripe for snowflake photography.

Well, sort of.

Here's my set-up, for those who are curious. I'd been using a handmade blue glass dish as my snowflake background, but this time I was more conventional. I used the glass from a 5x7 picture frame. I set up in the garage with the garage door open only about two feet to protect me and my equipment from the wind.

Temperatures right at the freezing mark and relentless wind don't create ideal photogenic crystals, though. During the hour I spent shooting, most of the 71 shots I snapped resembled something like this.

All winter and spring, I long for a day I can take my time and shoot snowflakes. I finally get a whole day, and the wind destroys my royal subjects!

Oh, well. I guess there will be plenty more storms with plenty more flakes to shoot. Or shovel...


  1. Despite the powerful wind, I think you got some good shots. I like photos #5 and #7.

  2. Poor Lizard out there shoveling away. Ugg to all that white stuff. So glad it is gone here. Damn that wind too lol


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