18 March 2016

Friday Funny

Not My Shot

Exercise guru Richard Simmons recently made headlines because someone noticed he hadn't been front and center in a while. Someone in turn speculated he was being held captive. He's since cleared up all the speculation and is alive and well, and popping up in all kinds of internet memes. Oh, how this one made me giggle!

Photo bombing at its worst, unless you like sweating to the oldies Star Trek-style. - Larry

"Scottie, when I said, 'Energize,', that is NOT what I had in mind." - Garrett

He was killed too quickly for most people to notice. - Susan

Now we know what happened to Richard Simmons. A recent news story said he hasn't been seen in two years. He has been transported to the 23rd century. - Bob

At least we know one of them is going to get killed, and judging by the shirt color, we know which one. - Allen

That was on the 'Lost Episodes" VHS. You had to have special drivers to convert the 16-bit data into video stream. - John

That was when I stopped watching Star Trek. - Glen

That's just the Gorn without his makeup. - Joe

No wonder Captain Kirk has a puzzled look on his face. But, after all their trips, shouldn't he expect the unexpected? -Sheila

We need to hear the Spock Logical song. - James

Simmons, the original tribble. - Mark

No wonder they had to reboot the series. - Brad


  1. lol he's the evil mastermind that wants everyone to exercise until they die of exhaustion

  2. Thanks for the chuckle! And that was one of my favourite episodes too. I don't know how it is I never noticed the extra character in that scene.... :D

    Happy Spring dear buddy!


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