11 March 2016

Friday Funny

More news comment humor...

"If it's a laptop, she's probably ordering a purse or shoes through the Amazon of its day with free Prime delivery through chariot service." - Hector M

"Hey Mom, just look at all these ridiculous yahoo comments!" - CP

"But is it USB2 or USB3?? I need more details to believe the article is truthful." - Emerson P

"Beautiful sculpture ruined by an amateur sculptor who couldn't quite carve rectangular USB ports, so just drilled holes instead. Darn!" - DMC

"It is time travel, but it's a Whitman Sampler from 1983, not a laptop computer." - SSS

"She`s showing her mom the latest funny cat video - a lion pooping in the Coliseum. The vid went fungal and had seven hits in the last two weeks." - John M

"You ordered a pizza?" - Justin H

"It's definitely a laptop, you can clearly see the receipt hanging out of the robe. Shows it was purchased at COSTCOpoulos back in the day." - Dr. Van Nostrom

"Must have had amazing battery life and full download of internet to be of much use to an Oracle. Maybe it had an Oracle database, and that's where the name came from... Mind Blown!!!" - Adam

"That obviously is a box of Cuban Cigars." - Liza

"What is so unusual? It's an older Dell laptop before they became thin and lightweight. Probably with a slow processor and tiny hard drive." - The One

"Yes, this was back in the early days, Windows 95 had just come out, and they were forced to use America Online. The child is holding the computer because mom's arms got too tired waiting for the page to download. Hopefully no one tried to call while she was using the computer. The ancients had it so rough." - Han

"She obviously is holding her thumb over the laptop's webcam, instructing the child to be careful because the webcam is viewable over the Internet. Privacy was a concern back then, too. Because there are no cables, they obviously had WiFi too." - Plus Degree

"If they had laptops in the Greek era, I am sure the internet would be much faster now." - Carlo

"It is possible people in ancient Grease designed the first laptops but couldn't get them to work because there was no electricity?" - Anonymous

"At last there is proof computers caused Greek society to fall. A lesson we should all take very seriously. Thanks, Yahoo." - Steven

"Maybe the designers of laptops had seen this or similar ancient art and were inspired." - A Yahoo User

"They're not USB ports; they are an Ethernet and modem port. Jeez." - Kngrthr

"Shameless marketing ploy by Dell." - Carthage

"I'm only speculating here, but if one looks close enough, one might recognize this as a childhood picture of Al Gore showing his mother what he was entering in his 6th grade science fair. Notice the stone cold demeanor of our former Vice Prez. Coincidence? Perhaps." - Nobody You Know

"So, Al Gore did not invent the Internet after all."- Jim Reyna

"Duh, everyone knows they used tablets back then, not laptops!" - John


  1. lol oh the things people will come up with on the internet. Everyone knows the aliens gave them the laptops, right? haha

  2. I think I like the "tablet" comment best of all.... :D


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