22 March 2016

Ride, Captain, Ride

It was the sunniest and warmest day of the year so far, but I couldn't ride. Whine, whine, whine!

I'd twisted my back the day before while trying to get the perfect shot of our hoya rope plant, which is sprouting more blooms than ever before this year. I stooped down to shoot up, and when I went to get up, I couldn't get up.

Spent the entire weekend on leftover muscle relaxers from my bike accident. I snoozed all weekend long. The Lizard had an incredible mountain bike ride while I drowsily healed.

The next weekend, The Lizard was laid up while I rode alone. He didn't take muscle relaxers after twisting his knee on a technical singletrack descent, instead opting to work on bikes while I worked up a 35-mile sweat. Some might think he made better use of his downtime than me...

The next weekend, both of us were whole and healthy, but Colorado was back in the ice box. Our house got a new 8-inch white blanket. We made a trip south to sunny Alamosa to view the migrating sandhill cranes, something we haven't done since about 2008ish. Good thing we hadn't planned to ride that particular weekend!

So cycling miles are piling up a little slower this year than I had hoped, but I did get in one awesome winter ride at the end of January.

All week long, we'd enthusiastically planned to ride to a vintage bike show in Denver. Fifty-four miles round trip! It was my first half century since June of 2015! So good to know I can still crank out the miles when I have to, even though I haven't been properly training!

Sad thing was the bike show wasn't until the next day. Harrumph! We battled wind, cold, horrible wind, huge climbs, monstrous wind and an approaching storm, all for nothing.

Well, except for the awesome red-tailed hawk posing beautifully near Bear Lake!!! Oh, and we beat the ferocious winter storm that went on to bury us in 18 inches by about an hour. Hard to believe we were back in the depths of winter after the beautiful albeit breezy blue skies above us when we began our foothills adventure.


  1. It's definitely been a teaser of a late winter and early spring. I'm curious what's in store during the actual months of spring. Nice shots too.

  2. Mother nature sure wanted to screw with you a bit, ugg to all that white stuff coming back.

  3. I love that beautiful snow. Send some to Germany please. I hope you make a fast recovery from bike accident!!

  4. Busy times! Glad you back is better, I'm in awe of people who casually cycle away for so many kms. I love that shot of the hawk :)

  5. Ouch! I'm glad you're both doing better. Seems like at our age things snap a little easier than they used to, without necessarily snapping back again. (Dang it.)

    Also very glad you beat the big storm - cycling in bad weather is Not Fun. Bummer about the timing of the bike show....


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