02 April 2015

His Hands

Just before my colonoscopy, a very unpleasant exchange occurred when someone misinterpreted something I had tried to do in kindness. Because that's when these things happen to me. Painful things never happen to me on a good, happy day. No. When I get tested, it's no holds barred. Throw everything you've got at the same time. Every time.

Initially, I was steamed. I was so angry, I couldn't sleep. I prayed and prayed and prayed but had difficulty squelching my anger.

The next day, The Lizard and I took a snowy, muddy, icy mountain bike ride so I could blow off steam. When I ride my road bike, I like to listen to tunes on my phone while I ride. The words to Electric Light Orchestra's "Don't Bring Me Down" kept playing in my head, and I was seriously tempted to take my little handlebar speakers on our mountain bike ride so I could listen to the empowering lyrics. The only thing that prevented me from taking tunes into the wild is the wildlife in the canyon. Well, and the mud...

As I pedaled every so slowly up the quicksand-like muddy canyon, I continued trying to let go of the anger and think only kind thoughts. By the time I reached the top of the canyon, the sun had gone behind the mountain, and the temperature dropped dramatically. I had to continue heavy pedaling back down the canyon with no roll benefit because the mud was still so thick and slushy. The descent required just enough steering concentration that by the time I reached the road, my anger was gone.

In its place were thoughts of the Savior and how He had allowed Himself to be hung upon a cross. Another song came to mind. This new (but old) song helped me completely let go of my anger and begin acting and feeling like a normal human being gain. It put me at peace for what was an unpleasant hospital procedure.

It helped me respond to the person who had misjudged me with what I hope was professionalism and kindness.

"I will make my hands like Those from Galilee."


  1. Sometimes the little things just help us let go of the anger, even when the person is deserving of it

  2. Sometimes it is really hard to take the high road, but it is worth it. I enjoyed both songs!


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