31 March 2015

Wordless Wednesday


  1. I must say the Easter Bunny made it pretty easy for these little ones! Candy all over the place.

    Love the yellow "Caution" tape - it should read "Caution - Cavities Ahead". :D

    1. Yes, it wasn't much of a "hunt," Sue, more of a dash and grab. But the kids had fun. It was loads of fun to watch and remember when my kids were still into Easter eggs. Sigh...

  2. haha who can get the most must have came due as they went for them all. Well maybe not the little guy with the basket on is head lol

  3. Definitely looks like spring has arrived!

  4. I don't know, it looks kind of scary to me. I think the first two may be hobbits in disguise.

  5. They sure were having a lot of fun. I miss those days.

  6. Absolutely precious and wonderful, Snowcatcher! This made my day! Thank you for sharing these lovely photos!

  7. Unusual to see little people in your photos, they look so happy! Especially like the little girl in her yellow dress staring so intently at the grass - mindfulness, why do we lose it as get older? :)


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