10 March 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Daffodils are coming up in February!

Hyacinths are coming up in February!

The crochet holds up through the seasons better than the rock!!!

A good guy in February!!!  (I hope he survived the three weeks of winter that followed!)

Allium is coming up in February!

Lupine is coming up in February!

I don't know what they are, but they certainly are happy!

Windflower is coming up in February!

Columbine are coming up in February!

Blue Flax is coming up in February!

Hollyhock are coming up in February!

Iris is coming up in February!

A neighbor cat wants to see what yummy things I might be hiding.

Nothing, Kitty, just another baby hyacinth!

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!


Buried Barrel of Bulbs

Iris, hyacinth and blue flake see the light of day three weeks later.

Blue Flax and hyacinth come up for air three weeks later.

Only the strong survive.


  1. Beautiful pics! It appears we're in the making for a colorful spring full of flowers.

  2. Spring seemed to be in the air for a moment there, then came the snow haha does the cat eat your yarn on the rocks? Orlin surely would.

  3. I love the contrast of the crochet designs with the rocks, and the contrast of the leaves with the rocks. Oooh, and there's a kitty cat :)

  4. Oh! These are beautiful, I didn't realise what I was looking at first - had to go back. I love the wee turtle :)

  5. Those lupine leaves are so pretty. Love that turtle rock too!

    I am glad your plants survived the blast. :)


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