20 March 2015

Questionable Friday Fun

Once a few years ago, I linked to a video showing what my dad did when I was a wee tot. The unauthorized video was no longer online by the time my post was published, and a few of my readers expressed regret they weren't able to see it.

One of them recently sent me this. I can barely watch it. I've attached a second video also because the first one includes some free-clmbing, and the second video emphasizes the safety factor. Clipping in may make this job safer, but my goodness, I still could never do this job in a million and a half years. Ever! But I guess this is why I do like to ride my bike up mountain passes. I like to get up in the sky, but not like this!


  1. Ummm err a big no way Jose to that haha you'd have to pay me an awful lot to climb one of those things.

    1. I'm with you, Pat. You couldn't pay me to do that. Then my dad told me what they paid him back in the 60s to do that... $30!!! I think skyscraper window washers make that much per hour now!!!!!!!!!! (Another job you couldn't pay me to do!)

  2. Dear God. I had to keep skipping ahead because it really was unbearable. Why can't they just hover over it with a helicopter and DANGLE someone to replace the light??? There's not enough money on earth for that job.


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