24 March 2015

The Color of Sad

Baste Away

I wanted my special project, a quilt for an exhibit that didn't pan out and for the Denver National Quilt Festival, to be perfect. I tried to take my time every step of the way to make sure nothing was rushed and everything was... well, perfect.

Until I got to the free-motion quilting portion.

I was very careful when this segment of the construction began. But my skills just aren't there yet. I've a long, long, long way to go.

I'd wanted to quilt all the free-hand snowflake motifs with metallic thread. After one attempt, that idea went out the window. No regrets. Plain white thread will suit the quilt just fine.

After one attempt at the first free-hand free-motion snowflake motif with metallic thread and the next nine attempts at the first free-hand free-motion snowflake motif with plain white thread, I finally decided perfect can't be the goal anymore or the quilt won't ever get done. I worried I might accidentally rip the fabric if I keep attempting to rip out all the imperfect quilting.


A few tears were shed.

Pick myself up. Dust myself off. Get right back in the saddle. I may be suffering the blues, but blue also is the color of joy.

Okay, this quilt doesn't need to be 100% completely perfect. It needs to be done.

I decided this quilt is still going to be an awesome and unique project, and I will be very proud of it when it's finally done. Perhaps each free-hand free-motion snowflake motif will be a little better than the last, and maybe the quilt, when finished, will document how far I am coming in my pursuit of perfection.

My free-motion quilting perfectly matches my turtle-slow speed on my bike.




  1. that's the way we have to be indeed no matter what it is, get back up and try again. Blue is a fine color indeed

    1. Thank you, Pat! I am indeed trying to keep smiling and keep stitching! And I couldn't agree more; blue is a very fine color.

  2. I, honestly, think you being to hard on yourself! But that is human nature and especially for women, in my humble opinion. What you have shown here looks perfect to me and when the quilt is done just look at the project as a whole and not at each individual stitch!

    You got it, just continue moving forward.

    1. You should see how hard quilting judges can be, Brenda! I expect I will get some fun (ha ha) comments and suggestions from them if I do get juried into the Denver National Quilt Festival. But that's one of the reasons I try entering every year. I try to focus on what they tell me I need to improve.

  3. I think it's beautiful! Just keep doing and learning, and before you realize it you will have reached your goal. I collected knitting patterns for years that were well beyond my ability to knit at the time. I am just now, all these years later, finding that I can do them. I use to just look at them and never try them...but after a while I started slowly and now I can do cables and lace and color work....which before the very idea of any of those made me break out in hives. :) I have faith in you and I know that you are super talented and you can do anything you set your mind to do. :) Blessings to you aways sweet friend. :)

    1. Thank you, Stitchy! I can't believe you ever thought you couldn't knit a project, but I, too, have been so intimidated by some patterns! I'm glad you stuck with it. I shall follow your example!

  4. Perfect is boring. Even real snowflakes often have broken arms and missing tips. The two examples I see here look pretty darn good!

    Your quilt will DEFINITELY be "awesome and unique", just like you. Hang in there, sistah, and keep quilting! :)

    1. Thank you, Sue. I think my snowflake drawing with my sewing machine is getting a little better, but it still looks like my 5-year-old neighbor is drawing on my quilt, to me. :)


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