24 March 2015

Wordless Wednesday

My sage is blooming!

first flowers of the year


single blossom


pink hyacinth

yellow daffodil

pink hyacinth

grape hyacinth


  1. Blooming away as the col and snow go astray. Hopefully not to return for a while. Great shots.

  2. I love this time of year, so relaxing to see colour back in the world! And, small world - I think those purple flowers in the 2nd-4th shots were in my WW a few weeks ago, bizarre to think Dublin as the same climate ...http://niamhgriffin.blogspot.ie/2015/03/wordless-wednesday_11.html

  3. Nice. Purple and its variants are among my favorite colors!
    I answered your question about "Taylor" on my WW post - thanks as always for dropping by and your curiosity :)

  4. Happy sigh.

    Our turn will come in a few weeks ... I hope! :)


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