09 April 2015

Blue is My Love

Jacob's Ladder

Blue is my favorite color, both in the garden, and at the sewing machine.

Two years ago, I cut up my scrap basket blue floral dresses from as far back as 1978 into 2-inch strips so I could make a jumper and wear some of my favorite fabrics all over again. I had enough strips left over to make at least one quilt top. I've been trying to finish up some of my existing WIPs ever since so I could begin playing with the blue floral strips again.

all pieced

With last week's finish of my Snowbike quilt, I finally rewarded myself by playing with fun projects instead of anything deadline-related!

My Eye on Blue

I picked up the peacock fabric perhaps a year ago because it was on sale. Not quite a yard remained. My idea when I first saw that peacock was to make one of the full peacocks into a panel and surround it with my blue floral leftover strips. Of the yard of fabric, only two of the four peacock images show the whole peacock. Which means I still get to make one more of these down the road if I want...

Before I finished Snowbike, I stumbled across another blue floral panel that called out to me. It was the end of the bolt, and the markdown was so awesome, I couldn't leave it behind. When I got home and unfolded it, I found out why it was so cheap.

Curve, Baby, Curve

I pulled on the two corners and tried to stretch the piece back into shape. I made a little progress, but it still had a nasty curve. I wasn't sure I'd be able to use it after all.

I turned once again to the benevolent quilters of Ravelry and asked what they would do to try to save the piece. One suggested stretching from the corners, and another suggested pinning and misting, just like I would a shawl. Or a snowflake...

Brilliant! It took a week to find time to test the suggestion. I pinned the panel on my bed before work one morning, with my cutting board (which is smaller) beneath but sticking out on one long side so I could tug the piece into the shape I wanted. I misted the fabric and went to work. When I came home, I pulled out the pins and pinned the panel to the wall again, and voila! It worked!

Ta da!

Initially, I'd wanted to use the blue floral leftover strips around this panel, too, if I could straighten it, but after successfully squaring the panel, I'm not so sure my plan will work. I think it might be too busy.

To test my theory, I finished the Peacock Blues quilt top, and although I still don't know for sure if I'm going to box in Wisteria with my blue floral strips, I think this new quilt top is awesome! I love the colors. I loved remembering each of the dresses from whence the strips came. I absolutely adore this quilt top. I had planned to give it away when quilted, but I don't think I can now. I love it too much!

Peacock Blues

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  1. Blue is definitively one of my top colors too, that and orange, bit of a weird combination I suppose haha

  2. You're a Blue Wizard!

    Snowcatcher the Blue!

    1. I love it! I may have to name my bike that! Maybe we can get a custom paint job... ;)

  3. Blue is a favorite color of mine, too. When not wearing or working with black/white/gray, I often go for colors like blue or purple.

    1. You do really well with low-impact, Amanda. I wonder how Luna would look in blue and purple...

  4. How did you capture sparkles on the blue flower photo?? It's just gorgeous. Blue is my husband's fave color... if a quilt is blue, he usually likes it! I am in love with turquoise a form of blue... LeeAnna

    1. Ha ha, LeeAnna! I used an external flash and positioned it toward the camera slightly, and crossed my fingers. :)

      You and your husband have something in common with us. We are big blue and turquoise fans, too!

  5. Oh wow, the peacock quilt top is stunning! And the jumper...oh my gosh, what a great idea...it looks wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Linda! I love the jumper. I can wear it with a T or a turtleneck, and it is SO warm in winter!

  6. That blue quilt top is so "you"! I think it's okay to keep one for yourself.... :)

    1. Thank you, Sue! This one's just too pretty to give away. I'm being so selfish!


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