14 April 2015

Living on the Edge

What's for dinner?

Living outside the metro and right smack between the diverse ecosystems of the plains and the foothills is such an inspiring and often jaw-dropping experience. Nevertheless, there are days when I'd like to fence off a critter or two!!!

Somebunny's been digging in my yard...

Caught in the act!


Can I come inside and get warm???

Do you have anything good to eat?

We used to have squatter bunny tenants, one in particular, who adopted our garden as their dinner table.


Pierce's leftovers

A rabbit's lifespan in the wild is about three years. We don't know how old Pierce was when we moved in, but about four years afterward, coinciding with our elimination of front yard rabbit food, Pierce quit hanging out at our humble abode.

in the beginning

a lot more green

We redid our front yard in 2013 and included predominantly rabbit- and deer-resistant as well as drought-tolerant species. So far, our subterfuge has been successful. No more rabbits. Deer, on the other hand, have been a little more difficult to convince.

They aren't eating the front yard, thank heavens, but they do think it's a marvelous place to take a siesta. They've squished my hyacinths more than once.


Deer Doo


mowing the lawn

The backyard is not done yet. The deer have replaced our Leporidae dinner guest(s). They mow what little grass and weeds do come up in our slimy clay, which we appreciate, and they fertilize.

As much as I love to photograph the deer and brag about having them in our family, they have taken a liking to the tulips that came with the house, the grape hyacinth (or muscari) that came with the house, and the bird feeders we did not put out for them. !!!

visitor in my backyard

deer dessert

No Daisies Yet

Where's the food?!?

You are so busted, Dude!


  1. haha wow, you have a ton of wildlife all around. Not so sure I'd want the snake near me though. Raccoon looks up to no good haha

    1. I think the raccoon was looking to take up permanent residence, Pat. We headed him off at the Pass!

  2. Hey, why am I missing? If Rodney the rattler can get air time, why can't a lowly lizard? I'm reptilian.

  3. You have great guests (well excpet for the snake and the spider UCK!) I bet the deer love *shopping* in your garden lol

    1. Yes, Alicia. The deer think this is their private restaurant!

  4. I hope Rodney was just a passing visitor and not a regular guest....

    That bunny butt is too cute. :)


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