28 April 2015

Lost in Waaaaa...

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50 miles into Day 1 of this year's Ride the Rockies, we were pedaling in... Washington?!?

We were riding around the Olympic Peninsula. I kept wondering why we didn't see any rest stops or Ride the Rockies signs. Or other cyclists, for that matter.

We finally went into a small store to buy some water to refill our bottles and some snacks to refill our jersey pockets. We asked how far to the next host community.

The cashier summoned the store manager, who promptly told us we would have to leave because we were out of place. (Wearing cycling clothing, I suppose.)

I whined again about finding the next host town, and the manager informed me we'd passed it 25 miles back. We'd turned a 25-mile day into a 75-mile day!!!

Not only that, the manager wouldn't return my little bag of crochet I'd pulled out to help settle my nerves. He said there was no way I had been carrying that in my cycling jersey. I had to have stolen it.

For the first time, I looked down at our jerseys, and they were HIDEOUS!!!!!

Emblazoned in orange, red, black, white and gray were Transformers characters! And ugly ones at that.

I looked over at The Lizard, and he wasn't The Lizard anymore. He was a Harley dude, complete with LOUD motorcycle, LONG beard and enough chains to replace any hardware on my bike. WHO TOOK MY LIZARD??????????

Boy, I really have some doozie dreams sometimes!!!

crochet away


  1. lmao maybe the transformers signified you needed to change the ugly things

    1. Yeah, those jerseys probably were pretty sweaty after that many miles, Pat!

  2. This must be my queue to switch Harleys, get some tats and braid some leather into a long beard.


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