14 September 2012

Yellow Friday

Best Buddies
The notion of taking on one more commitment was terribly intimidating, and yet, the thought of making a statement by making something yellow each week was just too good an idea to let die.


I think that word is the ultimate key in deciding to move forward with this new project. Dear friends have died of cancer. One close relative died of cancer. Family members have gone through chemo or radiation. More acquaintances than I can count have endured or are enduring chemo or radiation. Many readers have written to tell me they work on snowflakes while they await their own chemo treatments or while resting from full-time care of a family member with terminal cancer.

Two weeks ago, ESPN writer Rick Reilly coined the term Yellow Friday as a counterpoint to the USADA's guilty-without-a-trial toppling of cancer survivor and cancer awareness champion Lance Armstrong. I was in Seattle shooting a former co-worker's wedding and didn't find out about Yellow Friday until after the fact. So I did my own Yellow Friday last week.

Ideas began pouring into my head. No, not snowflakes. I don't do yellow snowflakes. Ever. Not even appealing.

LOVEly ideas

Ideas for things yellow began churning. Not just crochet, either. I thought of a couple of knitting ideas and some quilting ideas, too.

I was nervous. I already struggle trying to balance a full-time job, a weekly snowflake, a garden, baking, writing, cycling, photography, wildlife stalking, volunteering, church and attempting to squeeze in quality time with the greatest husband in the world every chance I get. How could I possibly fit in one more thing?

But how could I not?

So here goes. This week's recipe is super simple and crazy speedy because I'm still trying to work through retouching about 1,100 more photos, and I haven't even started Mount Rainier yet. (Brides and charity walks come first, then fun!) My goal is to keep this project going through the end of the year if I can, but at least through Pink Fridays in October.

One of my first quilts with fabric I printed myself.  Made as a fund-raiser for Susan G. Komen, won by a breast cancer survivor.  Not rigged.

Once upon a time, I had a yellow wrist band. I've had a red one, too. I have worn a bunch of orange ones. I've either given my charity wrist bands to neighborhood kids or worn them out, because I can't find a single one.

The easiest and least expensive way to show support once a week for all those facing a battle with cancer is to wear a wrist band (or volunteer for an organization that helps in some way). The sale of bracelets helps financially support worthy causes, and by making my own bracelet, I'm not financially helping. However, I do contribute, and I do volunteer. I support many deserving causes. In this economy, we all are learning how to stretch dollars further than ever possible. Hopefully this project will help me and others to do just a tiny bit more without breaking the personal bank.

My criteria for my Yellow Fridays:

1. Must be made with things I already have, recycling when possible. No spending on new stuff. If I have money to spend on something new, in many cases I probably should donate the money instead of buying more stuff.

2. Doesn't have to be yellow. May be for any cause. Blue (child abuse, bullying), jade (hepatitis B), purple (suicide, lupus, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's, March of Dimes), lavender (epilepsy), orange (ADHD, multiple sclerosis), red (AIDS, heart disease), gray (diabetes), green (depression, cerebral palsy), teal (ovarian cancer, PTSD), blue and purple (arthritis), orange and purple (spinal muscular atrophy), and, of course, pink (breast cancer). What??? No ribbon for DDD??? Geesh! For a more comprehensive list of ribbon awareness colors, go here.

3. Weekly projects not required, although desirable. There will be times when I just can't lift another crochet hook.

4. Ideally, projects will make great gifts for those who have cancer or contributions to centers providing services to cancer patients. If projects are pleasing to crafters, too, that's an added bonus.

5. In lieu of a new pattern when life gets too busy, a stunning photograph of something pretty and yellow (or pink or whatever) is perfectly acceptable. And when that fails, we still have Friday Funnies.

end of the day

feeling yellow

Ladybug, ladybug, please fly away to my home!

Crystal Lake, Red Mountain Pass

Yellow Friday Pattern Directory

Teal Friday Crocheted and Fulled Belt

Teal Friday Stop Cancer Light Lip Gloss Cozy

Pink Friday Tiny Basket Pattern

Pink Friday Contrary Mary Scarf Pattern

Pink Friday Christmas Tree Pattern

Pink Friday Happy Note Pattern

Yellow Friday Wrist Bands

Materials, both projects: Small amount of size 10 crochet thread, size 8 crochet hook
NOTE: Both patterns may be worked with yarn and an appropriately sized hook, too.

Yellow Friday Wrist Bands

Simple Yellow Band

Leaving a 2-inch tail, work a foundation chain (video tutorial here) to fit around your wrist, and then continue for another inch. (Mine is 70 stitches long.) Bind off, leaving a 2-inch tail. Cut 2 pieces of thread 4 inches long. Thread one piece through each end and tie a knot, then take all three fringe threads and tie another knot. Beads may be placed on the ends of the fringe if desired. If you prefer a joined band without fringe, instead of binding off as instructed above, join the two bracelet ends with a slip stitch, then bind off and weave in ends.

Scalloped Yellow Friday Wrist Band

Scalloped Yellow Band

Leaving a 2-inch tail, work a foundation chain in a multiple of 5 plus 1 to fit around your wrist, then continue for another inch (another 5 or 10 stitches). (Mine is 71 stitches long.) Ch 1, turn. Sk ch just made, * 1 sc in next ch, sk 2 ch, 5 dc in next ch, sk 2 ch; repeat from * to end of ch, ending with 3 sc in final ch. Working down opposite side of bracelet, ** sk 2 ch, 5 dc in next ch (in same ch as 5/dc shell on opposite side of ch), sk 2 ch, 1 sc in next ch; repeat from ** around to end of ch. Bind off, leaving a 2-inch tail. Cut 2 pieces of thread 4 inches long. Thread one piece through each end and tie a knot, then take all three fringe threads together and tie another knot. Beads may be placed on fringe ends if desired. For a fringe-free joined band, instead of binding off, connect the two bracelet ends with a sl st, then bind off and weave in ends.

Yellow Forever


  1. Wow, and more wow! You woke up my morning! Bravo!

  2. Aww and more awwww. The two bears at the top...that is the Snowcatcher and the Lizard...both amazing people. :)

  3. You are one very busy woman. I am so impressed!

  4. I love that little yellow bear. It seems happy :)

  5. When the yellow Livestrong bands first came out I bought a package of ten. I wore one and gradually gave the rest away.

  6. I like this idea, Deb. Thanks for another thought-provoking post (with incredible photos).

  7. I love this idea! Now, if only I could crochet... The yellow photos are fabulous.

  8. Go yellow! But do take it easy on yourself too. ;')


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