18 September 2012

The Mountain

First Light on Mount Rainier

Head in the Clouds

Mount Rainier

Pearly Everlasting

Cold, Rugged Terrain

Take Me to the Other Side

Reflection Lake

Up Close and Personal

Moon Cap

Bye, bye, Great One


  1. Thank you so much...I just love to follow your journies...take me to the mountains ...so I can see the top of the world and then look down ...!

  2. Oh! Love that one of the Pearly Everlasting against the snow! Gotta' love the mountains! God's love in a snowcone. :)

  3. Yes, the pearly everlasting is especially gorgeous. Also "Take Me to the Other Side".

    What is it about certain West Coast mountains? Is it something to do with being volcanoes? They have a sort of solitary grandeur that is so awe-inspiring. We had a couple in Northern California that affected me the same way: Mts. Lassen and Shasta. I do miss those peaks.

    Thanks as always for the amazing photos.


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