04 September 2012


our hotel room

13-year tee

Me: 0; Himalayan Blackberry Bush: 1

a first (since new owie)

three blind bears

retouching nightmare

the same altitude as our house

another knot tied

one heck of a view

Five days off. 2,026 air miles. 493 miles on the rental car. Two national park trips. One renewed annual pass. Ten zillion wildflowers. Two sunrises. Two sunsets. One wedding. Two very happy friends. One botanical garden. One mountain bike ride. One tangle with a thorny bush. Eight dollars, one license and one wallet found in parking lots and turned in to various law enforcement authorities. Three tiny bears. 2,292 photos. Three hours downloading. And somewhere in the midst of all the fun, 2,000,000 visitors.

early start

Quick!  Hit refresh!!!

19 hits in one minute

I missed the magic number, but not one drop of excitement.

shine the light


  1. A big WOW on it all! Almost amazing.

  2. Congratulations to a most deserving blogview double millionairess! It looks like you had an action-packed time "off". (With vacations like these, who needs work?)

    Mt. Rainier always looks so fascinating from an airplane window (if that is Mt. Rainier). What a fun hotel room sign.

    Hope the ride was a good one. :)

  3. Congratulations on your two million, and thank you for all the lovely posts.

  4. Splendid. Glad you got to go celebrate with friends as they got wedded. Very cool indeed


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