11 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Lucky Late August

one last spray

Sad to see summer go.

past prime


raining lavender

just like spring


lavender dipped

camera magnet

calendar oblivious



Good thing I didn't see him there when I laid down on the ground to shoot up from underneath; I might not have taken the photo!


  1. Beautiful shots of late summer plants :)

  2. Beautiful close-ups of the flowers and other vegetation. They are both detailed while also possessing a certain softness :)

  3. great photography as usual. Almost impossible to choose a favourite. Most of tehm are plants I´m unfamiliar with.

    Lol, my Rose image is actually two shots. Npt PS but done in a simpler program. I´m not that good at CS5 yet. The shadow is easy, you mostly have to remember the option is there. Mostly used to cast shadows from text I guess. But can be used to other things. Bet it is possible in CS5 as well.

  4. You mean you don't LIKE spiders?!? :)

    These are all so beautiful, but I have to say that Calendar Oblivious just knocked my socks off.


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