18 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday

crystaline pearls

bistort, lupine and asters

pink paintbrush

gone to seed

lupine muncher

past prime lupine

a new species for me

moving in closer

Western Pasqueflower

family portrait

bad hair day


past, present and future

Dew-kissed Monkeyflower

crystalized pearly everlasting

mountain bog gentian

mountain bog gentian

little elephant heads

moisturized daisy


  1. ...some beautiful photos here on wordless Wednesday! (Your crafted snowflakes are very cool; and I like the little LDS Temple slideshow on the right.)

    BTW, you're one of my Your-Photo-Vision blog followers, and I just thought I'd let you know that I started a new blog about night photography that I think you'll enjoy. -Royce

    1. Thank you, Royce, for letting me know about your new blog. You're absolutely right. I ADORE night photography and can't wait to see the wonderful inspirations and tips I'm sure you will share.

  2. Lovely flower pictures. But I especially like the dew on the fuzzy leaves.

  3. Its always so lovely to hear from you and especially to visit and how amazing to see your pictures and posts. You have such energy enthusiasm for life and its contagious. I every so often find someone "out here" that would be a delight to know ... you are one of those people. Thanks for always making the day brighter. Blessings.

    1. Thank you, Glor. You always make my day with your bright, sunny comments, regardless the weather. Blessings right back to you!

  4. So much beauty!
    I wonder about the rope myself. It was dangling over a cold river surrounded by steep rocksides and a high stone wall. Not a nice place to take a swim.

  5. You had a lot of fun with those mop-headed pasqueflowers and the photo captions, didn't you? :)

    But my heart belongs to the colour violet in all its shades - so I have to say that the Lupines-Bistort-Aster are my favourite shot, followed by the adorable little chipmunk munching on lupines.

  6. Ester, please contact me via email. What you are requesting is not something I want to discuss in public comments. Thank you.

  7. Those western pasqueflowers are crazy looking! The rest, oh my, what colors and incredible detail!


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