07 September 2012

Yellow Friday

I missed it last week, so I'm doing it this week. And I might be doing it next week. And the week after. I might just be making a Yellow Friday fashion statement for the rest of the year.

Rick Reilly sums up my feelings on the subject perfectly. (NOTE: This blog post was written before we read in its entirety the "Reasoned Decision." I no longer have much respect for most professional cyclists, but I still believe in fighting cancer with all we've got.)

This is still my favorite commercial after all these years. I still, after all these years, get teary eyed when the kids rush up to the hospital window. And THAT is what it's all about. Period.

10 October 2012 Update: News hit the fan today regarding all the testimony gathered by the USADA in its lengthy investigation. I was heartbroken as I read the names of riders who came forward but glad they finally opted for honesty. I'm angered, deeply hurt and disappointed by the lies that have been fronted all these years. Nevertheless, my stance on cancer has not changed. I hate cancer more than I hate doping. People choose to dope. People don't choose to get cancer.

I still will do all I can to help fight the disease and support those who battle it on their own personal front lines. Long live Yellow Friday.


  1. Wow...I think I will...just do it. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Deb - I had never seen that commercial. Amazing cinematography on top of everything else.

    You should hear Mr. M in Lance's defense - very much akin to what Rick Reilly says. He's got nothing but good to say about someone who can face death and come back to do what Lance did. Mr. M maintains that - drugs or no drugs - Lance has amazing recuperative powers and cycling skills that set him apart from other athletes; that his brush with death gave him a unique perspective and a courage not only to face all obstacles but to overcome them. (Last week at breakfast my sister innocently asked if Mr. M thought Lance had taken drugs - Mr. M responded with about 15 minutes of spirited, detailed, and highly technical praise of Lance's career, abilities, and accomplishments.)

    I think a lot of people feel the same.

    1. Thank YOU, Sue, for reminding me why I wanted to believe in Lance all along. Some things have changed, but some things have not, and I'm glad you left your words here to help me get back on track. He did come back from a horrible disease, clean or not, and that is what Yellow Friday is all about.


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