10 April 2012

On the trail again

Kokopelli Trailhead

While The Lizard powered his Black Pearl over desert dust, rustic roots and thorny terrain, I climbed Mack Ridge and hiked the Rustler Loop. This is what I saw.

family fun


paintbrush in hiding

vivid paintbrush

hornhead (soon to be stickers)

cryptantha humilis, more commonly known as forget-me-not


Did you get my whole tail?

Check out my mud spots.  This is the best time of year for full-body river facials.

Wanna dance?

I can keep beat.

Oooh, someone's coming!

See ya!


  1. Ah what a lovely day it was indeed for a ride and a visit around such an amazing place!

  2. I remember once sitting on a rock and looking down to see a cousin to that little fellow on my leg. I got pictures. Tickled my son's fancy. Wonderful!

  3. Love the lizard shots! Is that a collared lizard? And how are you managing to push the button on the camera?

  4. Awww that little lizzard is so cute :)
    And such a great little model he was.

  5. You bring such joy to the every day through your amazing pictures. The beauty of this world. Thank you. Have a wonderful evening. Blessings.

  6. Love the foot-tapping lizard and the Indian paintbrush (do they still call it that or has the name become politically incorrect?)

    I'll bet your Lizard had a few mud spots too by the time he was done.

  7. I'm jealous - you got a Collared Lizard to pose for you! The Runner saw one on our trip but I struck out.

    Can you get "The Lizard" a "Collared Lizard" pattern jersey? That would be cool!


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