11 April 2012

super clean

72 fruitless hours invested into trying to get to the bottom of Chrome's warning so far, with no traces of anything dangerous, thank heavens. Literally, thank heavens. Nevertheless, Chrome warnings continue...

Similar results with my other websites, as well. Rest assured I take reader safety seriously.

All this searching and diagnosing with my right arm in a cast, to boot!

UPDATE: Thanks to super duper sleuthing by the Goatfather, of Marigold fame, the offending link was pinpointed and immediately removed. I don't know when Chrome will catch up with the change, but the poor victim blog that got hacked and caused me to get flagged is no longer linked here.



  1. oh, this is soo awful. I hate things like this. I hope it is ok now.

  2. I started an Etsy Shop today! When I get the Alum I ordered, I'll make you the neon eggs and send them to you. Still waiting on the Alum. Have a great day.

  3. I'm using Chrome, and had no issues or warning about your blog :-)

  4. I use Google Chrome and have no issue seeing your blog. :-)

  5. What a pain in the behind! I, too, haven't seen any warnings from Chrome. Time to treat yourself, and your wrist......sit down, put your feet up and listen to good music.

  6. I had already decided to heck with it, I was going to visit your blog tonight regardless - and no warning!

    Hooray for the Goatfather! Now I'm off to see your snowflake....


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