20 April 2012

Friday Funny

Job of the Century

Fabulous Origami

TINY Origami Snowflake

Perhaps the Best Photo Ever

Print a Kitten

Cute Overload's April Fool's Day

Playing fetch is so last year.

One, Two, Three creative ways to leave a tip...

This warmed me up!

How they did it.

Not humorous, but such wonderful photography and heart-swelling memories, I must share.


  1. You just made my Friday for funny! and cool!

  2. The bug on the bicycle...is that real or has it been photoshopped? It is definitely the best photo ever! Have you been hit by the new blogger interface yet? Ugh. What do you think of it?

  3. Thanks, Karen and Marigold!

    Marigold, I think the praying mantis photo is real, not photoshopped or altered, which makes it all the more spectacular.

    I converted to the new interface when it was still in beta, so I've had a while to get used to it. I don't like that you can't access some things that were easy before, but just like the infamous word processing software I was required to update to, I'm getting accustomed to it. Because I have to. :)

  4. So many great things - love the mini origami! (How do they DO that?) And the bug on a bike, and the job ad (chuckle). How much work went into that amazing gas commercial. And I loved the space shuttle photos - they made me want to visit DC.

    Thanks for sharing all of these!


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