10 April 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Come to me, Dinner...

Is it dinner time yet?!?

Yes!  Supersized!

Dang, where have all the aphids gone?!?

Does the bug I just ate make my butt look big?

yum yum yum

Where's mine?

I know you're out there.  I can smell you.

Where's the food?!?

lite menu

Here, 'squito, 'squito, 'squito...

Somebody's been eating my dining room table!

my turn


  1. "Come in", said the spider to the fly. :)

  2. Great series of macros. These are perfect for Macro Monday.

  3. The spider has a great spot on the daffodil. Great views and delivery service :)

    BTW, I am getting some odd warnings from your site about possible malware - might want to check that out.

  4. lol. Yea, this post did not need any words. The little spider obviously thought the flower was it´s home. :)

  5. Thanks, everyone, especially Marigold's Goat Father, who pinpointed the bad link so I could remove it. I'm clean now!!!

    And, um, no kidding... these are all different daffodils with different flowers. !!! Yes, we have an army of the little guys trying to take out the bad guys!

  6. Yay! Lunch time!:) Great pictures. Brazilian kisses...

  7. Oh gosh, the captions are great. I think "super-sized" is my favourite. :)

  8. Awed. You amazed me yet again

  9. I love the spiders, especially against the yellow daffodil!

    I think that a macro lens might be my next purchase. Your photos are inspiring.


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