12 April 2012

Speedy & Shaky

Speedy Lizard

He's Speedy. I'm Shaky.

Four years ago, I snapped long exposures of The Lizard in motion with a sunflower foreground at sunrise. Until then, The Lizard had not been too fond of being the subject of my viewfinder.

The following year, he suggested we do the same thing again, but with peach blossoms and Mount Garfield as the background. Our trips to Palisade the next couple of springs missed the blossoms, but our most recent trip finally nailed perfect timing. Well, sort of...

I had difficulty operating the camera with a cast on my shooting hand, but I'm pretty happy we finally got to live out the dream.

freeze frame


  1. He looks like a Lizard -ghost ... or Captain America. :)

  2. Captain America! Of course. Great photos. Brazilian kisses...

  3. I saw those blossoms the same weekend but I didn't know that they were peach! Beautiful.

    I love the speedy Lizard!

  4. I love it - it looks like he's floating.

    Beautiful blossoms!


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