19 April 2012

The Tiniest Tree

happy, happy baby trees

Not quite a year ago, I received 20 clove seeds direct from Hawaii. I didn't expect many of them to survive at my altitude, and I didn't know if any would survive the winter. I planted them indoors, some in direct sunlight, some in indirect sunlight, and two with a little of both. I didn't know how much light they would need, and I wanted to give all of them as much chance as I could to survive, to thrive.

Sixteen of the seeds sprouted. Fifteen grew. I gave one away. One couldn't decide if it wanted to grow up. I moved it into direct sunlight, then I moved it again to provide maximum sunlight. Last November, it still couldn't decide if it wanted to grow.

not dead yet

The day after I broke my wrist, the tiniest clove sprouted a leaf! Over the next few days, a second leaf appeared.

tiny clove tree

In the meantime, one of the seedlings suddenly and inexplicably withered.

one happy, one sad

All of the seedlings seemed to go through a dormant stage during winter. I moved all of them into direct sunlight and provided a grow light during December and January. I used a space heater to keep the babies warm when the central heating couldn't quite combat our multi-day blizzards alone.

In March, almost all the survivors began sprouting new leaves. Maybe these tropical kiddos will adapt to Colorado after all!

tiny tree

Growing taller!


  1. Sometimes you just never know...and without trying you'd never find out. Long live your tiny tree!

  2. Who knows, from the tiniest tree may come the mighty. I find it amazing to watch the growth. Hope they continue.

  3. Tis a mystery, but having a classroom filled with seedlings is keeping me hopeful...

  4. I do hope they survive...

  5. I hope they grow big and strong :)

  6. A little forest of potential. They're beautiful.


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