17 April 2012



These are some things I can do with my left hand.

simple sleeveless
I can sew simple dresses with armholes big enough to get the cast through (as long as The Lizard cuts the fabric for me).

Noro belt
I can crochet worsted yarn with a size H hook to keep the new geometric jumper from looking like a tent.

my first time fulling
I can felt a belt!

frogging heel and ankle to add 4 rows to foot
I can finally finish redoing Carmen's socks. (Because I accidentally made one foot too short and then procrastinated.)

monster purse
I can line the purse I made from leftovers two years ago.

Ta da!
I can line the Noro skirt I finished a few weeks ago.

DIY yarn
I can spin. !!! !!! !!!

plenty to do
I can read.

computer drawn
I can Photoshop.

tree killer
I can pack these documents...

Will it fit???
...into these red wells...

signed, sealed, delivered
...and mail them in these boxes, which I assembled by myself.

Most importantly, I can do taxes (although The Lizard graciously provided most of the typing this year, as his typing is more accurate than mine right now). Oh, how we hate taxes. But ta da!!! We're DONE!


  1. I have a mate to your tulip! I brought it yesterday, (we're experiencing a bit of winter lately) and it bloomed within minutes to a full bust, then slowly closed for evening, and is now again opening! The same exact color!

  2. Omgosh, you're spinning! Looks awesome!

  3. That's a lot of stuff to do southpawed! Gosh, I am a southpaw and can't do all that. Heal quickly.

  4. Now you just need to learn how to throw a curve ball and slider

  5. I love all of the "I cans" in your post!

    Great dress fabrics. I've been thinking lately about crocheted belts with yarny rings on the end (EXACTLY like what you have pictured here) and wondering how well a clasp like that would work to keep the belt snug.

    Congrats on getting the @!#*$ taxes done!

  6. I am very impressed. When I was a youngster, I was a super serious athlete, and I needed to become more ambidextrous. I tried to do many daily things (like brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, etc) with my left hand but I never really became good at it.

    It looks like you've become better with your left hand than most of us are with our dominant hands!

    Love the tulip photo. Tulips are my faves... but they don't survive up here.


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