27 March 2012


Waves of Warmth

I put the snowflake away because I thought the sunset was over. It wasn't.



  1. Yowza!

    I love it when they get more and more intense like that, until the beauty is almost unbearable.

    Hope the wrist is mending quickly.

  2. Thanks Sue and Marigold!

    I hope the wrist heals quickly and smoothly, too!

  3. Ooooo........Ahhhhhh! Can never get enough photos of sunsets.....nope.....never.

  4. This looks so much like the bedspread I'm completing...my Grandmother began it many years ago...I was so lucky to get it. She is gone now, but I have her hand crocheted spread to cover me when I sleep...that's why your snowflake attracted me...it looks so much like the little pieces that make up the spread.

    1. Wow, Charlene! I would LOVE to see the spread your grandmother made!


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