17 May 2011

Fickle Spring

Momument Madness
A couple of weeks ago, I did 60 miles in 33 degrees. Two days later, I did 50 miles in 80 degrees. (In the desert.) Last weekend, 48 more miles in 34 drizzly, wet degrees. If nothing else, I'm adapting to all kinds of weather conditions.

Obsessive Compulsive behavior kicks in when I see the odometer at 58.9 miles, or any easy-to-round number. So 48 miles bit me like a well-trained squadron of mosquitoes on my soggy ride. I'd have done the two extra miles, if I had known. Unfortunately, the degree of wetness (or was it the degree of temperature?!?) caused the odo to malfunction. I didn't know I needed two more miles until I'd already dried off the bike. (The Lizard graciously calculated my miles on his topo software.) (And then cleaned my bike. Because, "A clean bike is a happy bike.")

I've also done my first consecutive back-to-back big mile days of the year. I now officially declare myself ready for this year's MS-150, with 39 days to go. Now I just have to get my body ready for the 7,000-foot climb of Pikes Peak in August.

On my last bicycle commute, I decided to pretend I was on Pikes Peak, where two miles remain unpaved this year. I took a dirt road to get home, adding four miles to my commute and a level of difficulty that does not match high elevation but which will help me get comfortable riding the road bike off pavement. I walked the bike on the dirt section of the road last year. I did so well on the dirt road (with some significant climbs) near my home, I'm going to continue to practice so I don't have to dismount on Pikes Peak. That alone should be enough time saved to allow me to reach the summit in 7.5 hours.

pretty in pink
Spring is slowly coming, even though riding weather isn't always favorable. The Lizard gave me something very special for a holiday I choose not to celebrate. I wholeheartedly approve!

Mother's Day Trike
I made this for the day the The Lizard hit the half century mark. He wasted no time whatsoever arranging his fledgling pin collection just so.

Lizard Pin Quilt title=
The Lizard finished his new 29er Black Pearl and IMMEDIATELY had to check the fit, ignoring work bench clothes and delaying long enough only to grab his camera and slip into cycling shoes.

The Black Pearl
Pierce is back. With full-grown babies in tow.

Borg Bunny 1 of 3
I pulled the tomatoes and peppers back inside before we headed for warmer riding to protect them from the snowy forecast. I didn't put them back outside when we returned because white stuff was in the forecast again.

I was worried my plants would become spoiled and expect to stay indoors all the time. Then I saw this.

Holy heat, Batman!  We have chili pepper blossoms!
sizzling serranos
robust Roma
baby beefsteak
Okay, you can stay inside. All summer long if you want. I don't mind at all.


  1. Congratulations all around - to you, the Lizard....and mama Pierce! First thing I thought....was it premonition to plant so many crops, in anticipation of Pierce's offspring? ;)
    Lastly, I looove the bicycle planter. It's beautiful, and perfect for you!

  2. That white stuff is yak :). We did not get it too much THIS spring, I am SO happy.

    Your Lizard is an amazing person, what a great holiday-not-to-celebrate gift ♥. And his half century mark gift is also stunning.

  3. Thank you, Anna and Neferi!

    Anna: NO! I will NOT share with Pierce! No! No! No! :)

  4. We need pictures of Pierce and babies! =]

    The weather has been quite fickle here too. Still quite cloudy now.

  5. Baby fruit is so exciting! I always take pictures of mine.

    You are a much braver cyclist than I am. I won't go out if it's under 40 or precipitating. (No gear.) Love the desert shot with the curvy road.

    Mr. M. also rides in oddly-assorted clothing. (He can't go far, just a few errands around town.) I've seen him go out in cycling shoes, neoprene shorts with floppy sweat shorts on top, and a huge t-shirt girded with a fanny pack. A FANNY PACK! He has no cycling fashion sense. (Says the woman who rides in t-shirts because jerseys are so darn expensive.) :)

  6. Oooo! The Black Pearl looks happy to be on the road with The Lizard!
    You crack me up with the titles....Borg Bunny and Holy Heat, Batman! Love it.
    Pink is definitely a color that looks good behind you like that.
    By the way, you have spoiled garden plants! ;)

  7. YuLian, I'm trying my best to get more than two bunnies in a photo. Keep your fingers crossed...

    Sue, eBay is the answer to expensive cycling clothing. ;)

    Maria, perhaps you can give me some plant parenting pointers so I can snap these tomatoes and peppers into shape! ha ha!

  8. that plant stand is way cool. We are on our 7th straight overcast rainy deluging storm filled day. The sun did come out briefly yesterday and my horticulture students and I fled the classroom ;')

  9. That is one happy Lizard! He's gonna be loving that Pearl for years to come. Thing is gorgeous.

    And the plant stand? Deee-lightful.


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