05 May 2011

Teal Memories

Sassy Albuquerque Balloons by Sara Running
My jaw was dropping and my eyeballs were popping as I walked the aisles of the Denver National Quilt Festival last weekend. Then suddenly my sight rested upon a a black curtain of teal.

Jovan - Peaceful Spirit by Martha Dudley
I immediately recognized the predominant fabric as the 2010 Hoffman Challenge, but that's not where my heart went.

Teal is the ribbon color for ovarian cancer, and my dear friend Shonna completed her brave battle against that mean-spirited and unforgiving disease in January. I wished I had thought to create a Hoffman Challenge entry to honor her last year when I first saw the teal-themed challenge fabric. My entry could have traveled the US in her memory, and upon its return, I could have donated it to an appropriate charity in her name.

by Judy KlemI've made many breast cancer quilts, and I make tied quilts for the Red Cross through my church every time there is a disaster, such as the tornado that just ravaged Tuscaloosa.

So I can't feel too bad for not catching the teal spirit in 2010. I'm not particularly inspired by this year's challenge fabric. Children of families who lost everything are in need of quilts they can cherish forever, and my heart is pounding in that direction.

There are so many charitable quilting causes, I will never, ever run out of ways to serve those in need. Just check out the amazing list of organizations and drives here.

Nevertheless, these teal challenge entries touched something very deep inside me. Particularly the dolls, because Shonna made the most beautiful porcelain dolls. I think she would have loved these.

Ice Maiden by Tamara Schultz
Sea Urchin by Robyn Parkinson
Stain Glass Treasures by Ruby Hoffman
Lady in Waiting by Jo Ann Massey
Treasure Garden by Nancy Palomino
Diva of the Sea by Susan Garrity


  1. What beauty, not only in these pieces and dolls but in your mind, heart and soul. Shonna is smiling upon you.

  2. Those quilts are awesome, every one of them. What a lot of thought and work and imagination. But that last one is my favorite. I'd love to see it close up to see how it is made.

  3. They all look amazing. I like most the bag and the seahorse..

  4. Wow, the quilts are amazing! I love the color. So pretty. I'm not much into dolls but I do like the first one a lot.

  5. lol, I love the queen. :)

    Regarding hummingbirds. You almost certainly need a feeder to get that close. And the feeder close to someplace you can stand. The birds often sit still waiting before they take off in a rush. Mostly when you pull the trigger. :)

  6. Exquisitely beautiful..and such inspiring work. Thanks for sharing these!

  7. So much stunning talent...very humbling. Such beautiful work.

  8. Those are truly stunning!

  9. Although royal blue is my favorite color, shades of blues together are always so refreshing. Where do these people come up with these amazingly creative ideas???

  10. My sister is a few months away from making it five years on this planet after being diagnosed with stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. The power of teal and those who believe in hope for better treatments amaze me. Peace be with Shonna and those who loved her.


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