13 May 2011

I hate moving.

Blogger burped worldwide this week, and no one was too happy about it. The biggest thing for me was posts being removed while attempts were made to fix whatever caused the problem. (Blogger staffers repeatedly assured they were working to restore "temporarily" removed content.)

It bugs me - A LOT - that someone might come here looking for a specific pattern, and the pattern may appear to not exist or be missing. So I'm looking into self-hosting, which, honestly, I should have done a long time ago, but it's another of those things I just didn't get around to until disaster loomed.

I still don't know all the details, but there exists the possibility followers and regular visitors may have to rebookmark this site. I'll spread the news loud and clear if I find that is the case.

Blogger has been a very good home for me, my photography, my ramblings and my snowflakes. But it might possibly be time for me to grow up and move out on my own. I already have my own webspace, mostly unused, so moving can't hurt TOO much. I hope.

Aaaah, what's life without a new adventure in exploration every once in a while?


  1. UGH!!! I dislike change! Double Ugh!
    I'll say some sweet things for you to make it easy.

  2. AHHH, so that's what you meant when you wrote that comment. I had no idea... Urgh, that must be really annoying. I don't know enough about web design to have my own website, so I'll continue to use Wordpress until... indefinitely? =]

  3. It was a little creepy while Blogger was down. I've been feeling for some time that if I were conspiracy-minded I would suspect Google of getting ready to take over the world. Think how much of our lives they store in the cloud. And it would be awful to have months or years of posts and photography just vanish.
    Like yulian I don't know enough about the process to strike out on my own. Maybe you can do some tutorial posts if and when you do. (Because you aren't doing enough already.) :)

  4. not sure if I lost posts (some I may not miss at all), but friendly comments which I got e-mails about, did not get posted and that made me sad. Moving is hard no matter if a house, job, church, or website. Good luck with what ever you choose to do.

  5. Ah, so that's what happened - I lost some comments which i saw but hadn't had time to reply too and when I checked this morning; there they were, gone!

    Good luck with the move if you do it, fun and games. Sounds like you have more than enough readers to make it work!

  6. Moving - no matter which way you look at it - is a lot of work. Hopefully - worth it in the end??

  7. We are following where-ever ya go.

    But, seriously, blogger ingeneers have promised, that we get back all the posts and the comments, they are not lost...it takes many days to bring them back.

    Have a nice week :)

  8. I heard about this, and for once, I am relieved to have been off the blogger radar for a while. I am surprised because blogger has generally done a really good job.


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