20 May 2011

Friday Funny Double Dose

People often ask where I find these things. I work in a fairly high-stress job, and this type of thing circulates rather regularly. So most of the videos I post here were sent to me by family, friends and co-workers who know I might be in need a good laugh. And they often are right.

But not all humor comes from video. Please take the time to check out this awesome post, which is still making me chuckle two days later. As well as dream about covering a thrift shop bicycle...

2014 UPDATE: Well, stress expresses itself once again in 2014. This post was originally posted in 2011. I have no idea why it decided rebirth in July of 2014 was necessary. But, a little extra laugh at the beginning of the week is a good thing, right?!? Now, if I can just remember what the original video was so I can replace it with something equally as charming (because the original video is no longer available)...


  1. :), the cat was so disappointed.......

  2. BTW: have you listened this, I think is worth it, or is it :).


    Finland won the ice hockey championship 2011 and the legendary finnish commentator Mertaranta`s words in the games are turned into music....or is it music :). Haha, he is great.

    And thank you for your very kind words in my blog :).

  3. I love how the cat tries to save face by flopping down as soon as the pigeon flies away.

    So glad you're still getting a laugh out of that other link. Your idea of covering a thrift store bike sounds like a lot of fun (can't believe I just said that - the virus has got me good). You could probably get some high-falutin' museum to display it as an installation of modern art.

    Or you could make a little bike from wire crochet...or a knitting/crochet mixed media bike using stiffened I-cord for the frame tubing...the possibilities are endless!

  4. CONGRATS, Finland and Neferi!!! That audio was AWESOME! I wish I could understand what he was singing! But I can feel the excitement through his voice. That was simply awesome!

    Sue, oh, do I ever have something for you!!! Check this.

  5. Mertaranta is commenting this goal of the century :). 19 years old Mikael Granlund is shooting when Finland was playing against Sweden.....it´s worth to watch.


  6. I'm not a cat person, but poor kitty....i wonder if he/she would stand a chance against Pierce? That was really cute to watch....

  7. Neferi, I had to google his name to learn the scoop behind that fancy puck scoop he did... WOW! And he's headed for the Wild! Woohoo!

  8. Yesssss, woohoo and Wow !

    Have a nice weekend, Snowcatcher.

  9. Oh dear, did I write Sweden...it was Russia :). Sorry..

  10. Reminds me of my cats and anything small--from rodents to birds to bugs.


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