03 May 2011

A Taste of Winter

No riding for us last weekend.

Back inside came the pots of tomatoes, chili peppers and blueberries. Stuff that hasn't poked heads out of the soil yet got to brave the return to winter.

My first anemone bud of the season broke off. The Lizard suggested I put the tiny, less-than-one-inch stem into something shallow with water to see if it might open up. I lovingly placed it in a milk lid near the kitchen sink, where it could get plenty of sun. If the sun bothered to make an appearance. Sunday, the blossom brought me a taste of heaven.

The Denver National Quilt Festival was a worthy distraction during the blustery weather. Many more photos tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday.

The Festival features merchants with a wide variety of fabric, sewing machines, quilting machines, patterns, thread, lights, irons and even furniture for those who spend way too much time hunched over a machine.

I attempted to exercise a ton of self-restraint this year. Nevertheless, I bought five treasures.

I bought three spools of quilting thread. Because I love the colors.

I bought only two yards of fabric. Because The Lizard can never have too many bandannas. And he doesn't have any with military aircraft. Yet. He loves military stuff, and he longs to fly one day.

He wears square bandannas (folded for extra warmth) beneath his cycling helmet in weather too warm for Neoprene but too cool for thin fabric. He wears single-layered triangle bandannas when it's hot. The bandannas prevent scalp sunburn during his epic rides.

The Lizard sometimes wears bandannas when he's not on his bike.

I think his favorite bandannas have lizards on them. Yet he has one with snowflakes! My personal favorite is a plain black "ghost" lizard bandanna I stitched up special with neon thread for one of his birthdays.

With more indoor time than planned over the weekend, I did something I feel as though I haven't done in ages. I spent some time with the camera and then at the computer and designed a few more new greeting cards. I can't wait to send these out! Unfortunately, new cards take a long while to get approved at GCU, so I have to wait a couple of weeks to order a batch. Aargh!

Oh, and I almost forgot... The weather may not have been suitable for riding, but riding is never far from my mind. I was interviewed by Inpsiring Sports Women. Still kind of in shock about that, but you may read part one here and part two here.


  1. What a fun interview! I too picked up most of my cycling knowledge from my husband, such as the right way to pedal, use of gears, etc.
    What is your favorite climbing music? When we lived in SoCal and had a few real hills to climb, I used to sing long, multi-verse hymns under my breath to get me up the hill (never been a headphone wearer either).
    I love that military aircraft fabric. Will have to search for it online - I have 3 military aircraft nuts in the immediate family.
    My sympathies on the weather. I can FULLY relate! :)

  2. wow. snow in May. wow. It's the exact opposite for us....hot sun and the heat.....whew! Wish I could send some rays and some heat for you :)
    did you make those adorable bears sitting on the quilting thread? They are sooooo sweet! (all of them!) Have a nice week :)

  3. Winter?! Jeez, it's pretty much summer here. I love the thread you bought and all those bandanas. Cute!

  4. Spring has sprung, the grass is riz,
    I wonder what this white stuff is?
    I thought the snow had gone away,
    Looks as though it's here to stay.

  5. Popped over to commiserate about the cold and snowy weather. Geez! Hats and mittens on May Day up here! Quite depressing. But, your photos certainly cheered me up. Especially the bear enjoying that mountain view! Very cute. Congrats on the articles. That's very impressive. I'm off to read them now...

  6. digging that anemone, looks like one that I fell in love with at Longwood Gardens on Good Friday. I used to wear bandanas all the live long day. Never had cool ones with lizards

  7. my hubby would love the military air craft bandannas too. did you freehand the lizards in neon? you always keep those fingers busy ;) LOL @ the lizard w/bear on his shoulder.

  8. Every one of your photos is fantastic. Of course, the caption that popped into my head on that first one with the tulip emerging thru the snow is Hope Springs Eternal. I've never been to a quilt festival but I'd love to attend one and see everything up close. Your new threads are gorgeous and the bandanas are so cool! Love the teddy in stocking cards, too.


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