17 May 2011

Wordless Wednesday

ordinary oregano
dreamy daffodil
amazing azalea
cozy clematis
heavenly hyacinth


  1. I love macro pictures! I'm loving the second and third pictures. So pretty.

  2. beautiful closeups! are these all blooming already? my jonquils just finished up. spring this year has not been as colorful :(

  3. All beatuiful but I love the peachy colored jonquil best of all! And then the road twisting the through rocky red desert caught my eye. Now that's beautiful.

  4. I love these close-ups of the flowers - it seems to be a common theme this week :)

    I'm particularly curious about the effect in that last image.

  5. Beautiful! I dont't even know what they are, but they look fabulous. The pink one (3rd from the top) just seems so soft, you can almost feel it from here:)

  6. Exquisite spring detail and beauty. Especially love the last image and the special effect. Very cool!

  7. Such lovely flower pictures :)

  8. such lovely ruffled edges!

  9. i love the flower in the 5th pic :)my eyes were immediately drawn to it.
    (what is it?)

  10. Just gorgeous. What is the second to last one? Looks a bit like clematis but with 4 petals.

  11. 830 Miles! :)
    It looks like the flowers were ready for their close-up....even the ordinary oregano. Stunning!

  12. Catsynth, I've been meaning to tell you since the last special effect photo, I used a Cokin prismatic filter. I don't know if they are made any longer, but they are great for brightening what might otherwise be a dull photo.

    Anna, that's my last hyacinth of the season. Now I have to wait until the end of next winter for a new batch. I wish I could bottle the aroma and keep it all year!

    Sue, it's called a Little Duckling clematis, and I haven't quite figured out where to plant it yet, so I'm enjoying the blossoms indoors. :)

    Maria, if I'm lucky (weatherwise), I'll break 1,000 before Memorial Day. (!!!!!!)

  13. Ah, you brought a breath of springtime into my wintery morning up here in the mountains. What gorgeous flower photos!

  14. You've wrangled the beauty of the outdoors right into my world with these blooms! Feels like I can reach out and touch 'em.


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