01 June 2010


word verificationSome non-bloggers are intimidated by word verification and the whole "sign-in" concept. I have always believed signing in to comment on a blog is no different than signing in to participate in a forum. Word verification, I could take or leave. I'm not intimidated by the requirement, and it won't prevent me from leaving a comment.

Some very popular bloggers say comment moderation can become a chore when there are more than 20 or so comments per day every day. If I ever reach that point, I may have to look at the time I put into maintaining my blog. But for now, my comments are manageable. That is, when my comments come from people who actually take the time to read.

anger managementIn an effort to be just a little more non-blogger user-friendly, I turned off my word verification. Then something happened. Being discovered can be such an exhilarating thing!

It appears I have been discovered by mass spammers, and it's not an honor for which I sought or one I would recommend to anyone.

At first, the spam was just slightly annoying. Then it began to increase. Then it began getting dirty. Then it went international. And then it got really dirty. Now it multiplies and replenishes my screen deep in the middle of the night while my virus scanning program is running.

So, I apologize for requiring anyone who wants to comment to go through the WV (word verification) steps, especially if readers find that process intimidating or time-consumming. But at this point, I don't have a choice.

I want to maintain a family-oriented blog that is safe for all eyes, regardless of the time of day or night, and I don't wish to be innundated with useless, unwanted, truly offensive spam when life is already quite full enough.

Pretty sad when you run a foreign language comment through a freebie translator to find out what it says, and then wish you hadn't because you had no clue anyone could be so vile, and for no reason!


  1. I tried without word verification for only two days, then I got completely drowned by spam. I totally understand your decision.
    btw the word verification I just had to write here now was kind of cute: splimp :)

  2. that's the same reason I put on my WV as well, especially when you are spammed with "inappropriate" stuff and this might distrub your blog reader.

  3. I don't mind WV at all! I've gotten a few of those vile spams even with WV turned on on my blog so you still have to watch the comments! I don't know what motivates people to leave such comments...

    I hope that you enjoyed our beautiful weekend!

  4. Ugh, I get the most bizarre comments on my blog too, and I'm a newbie to the blogging scene, but thankfully, Wordpress screens most of them and I have to approve any person before it shows up. None of the spammers have been quite that awful... yet. And my Blogger one doesn't get much traffic anyway.

  5. Isn't it so sad that people have the time to leave awful things that are best left unsaid? WV is a godsend! I completely support your decision to put it back up. I've done the same with my blog too.

  6. I discovered that any reference I made to mountains, climbing, or anything in that genre tends to bring the spammers in droves. Their nasty little web crawlers seem to have an affinity for us girls who get outdoors and play hard. I don't blame you at all for WV, or for fully moderating comments. It's never slowed me down in the least :)

    I'm sorry the ugly spammers are chasing you... but as fast as you ride, they'll have to really work to catch up.

  7. I used to have only the WV to keep "icky's" out. Well, like you, something foreign found my blog and now I have to Moderate EACH comment. Thank goodness I don't get that many comments!
    I'm with you.....if it gets too busy here, I'll just have to quit and start journeling.....but it sure is nice to hear from other like-minded folks who boost your ego!

  8. Oh no...WV is ok. Spam can be automatically sent, too - but if someone really has time to do so - get a life. They aint fast enoug for you :D, I think.


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