03 June 2010

Monster Not-Socks

Lizard and CompanyI have been yearning to craft monster socks ever since I first discovered what other fiber artists do with their leftover sock yarn. They pool leftovers into one pair of socks and create Monster Socks, also known as Franken Socks.

I had been using my sock leftovers to create little creatures. I don't necessarily want to stop doing that. But I do want a pair of Monster Socks. Really, really bad!

Finished Mini Mochi SocksAfter last week's Seven Days in the Saddle, I finally got a chance to finish off a pair of socks I'd been working on during my workday train commutes. I knew I would finish them in one train ride, so I grabbed the black fingering yarn I'd picked to use as a base for my very own Monster Socks and stuck it in my commute bag.

About 20 minutes into my first motorized commute in two weeks, I finished the heel on the second sock, and my Monster Sock project was about to blast off!

I eagerly started a new sock with the black yarn. I intended to make the toe, heel and cuff of black, and I'd have stripes of leftover sock yarn in the body of the sock.

After finishing the first row of my precious, long-awaited initial Monster Sock, I realized the fingering yarn I'd picked for the project was too thick. I still had 15 more minutes of commute, and no project on which to work!

I stared at the black yarn for a few minutes, trying to give it a chance to tell me what it wants to be when it grows up. It whispered, "Purse." I didn't want to make a purse, but I do agree with what many knitters and crocheters are beginning to say: whimsical and clever yarn should not be limited to feet projects, where they might not even be seen. Luscious sock yarn should be used for whatever project the fiber artist can dream up.

I asked the skein of black fingering yarn if it would like to be a scarf with artistic, lacey stripes of all different colors, and it insisted, "No. I want to be a purse. A purse with eye-catching stripes of many hues and stitch varieties. And other embellishments, too, if you like."

So, not what I'd planned, but fresh out of my head, I began making a Monster Purse, making up the pattern as I went. (All in one piece, I might add!) Monster Socks will have to wait until after Ride the Rockies. Although I do plan to take along a skein (or two) of sock yarn during my weeklong bicycle tour so I can work on yet another pair (or two) of socks (also known as 2010 Christmas presents) in the evenings in my tent. If I feel like it. If I can keep my eyes open.

Sock yarn doesn't weigh much, and it won't take up too much space in my overnight bag (not to be confused with my pack, which will be on my back and loaded with rain gear, first aid kit and camera). Crocheting socks is a very relaxing pastime for me. I might need a little relaxation after pedaling up to 90 miles each day!Monster Purse


  1. Nice whispering :) = lovely purse.

    You have Iris germanicas too? We have deep blue Irisis in our garden and I love them. (I noticed your new photo in the right).

  2. You have so many diverse talents... lucky woman! Have fun!

  3. Oooh, sounds like my socks. Turning out too big. I can't wait to see your crocheted socks!

  4. I love your critters and am way impressed that you can be all crafty and a biker babe to boot. Just the idea of peddling 90 miles has put me in the mood for a nap. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my Wordless Wednesday post yesterday and your kind compliment. You have got the coolest blog!

    Cheers :-)
    - Rainforest Mommy

  6. These are great creations! Love the colors in those creatures too!

  7. The yarn became a rellay lovely purse :)

  8. Ooh....what a cute purse! The amigurumi are adorable...but, I LOVE the colorful socks! Do you have a pattern for those? Please share!!!!

  9. Thank you, everyone!

    Handsindelight.com, I've been using a modified version of the Step-by-Step socks here. I use a size smaller hook than the pattern calls for, I increase the starting chain just a tad, and I knit the cuffs because I like knitted cuffs better than crocheted cuffs. Standard k2, p2 on size 3 needles.


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