10 June 2010

Guess Who's Coming for Dinner!

First, we had mice in the bird feeder. Then we had mice in the house. Now we have a young rattler outside the garage.

He can stay. IF...

He eats the mice.


He doesn't eat us.


  1. But perhaps the mice are gone now.
    I would love to photograph a wild snake, but we don't have that many of them where I live.

  2. oh my goodness!!!! I surely don't want so see uninvited guess turn up for picnic in my backyard (with us as its lunch menu of course)

  3. Oh, I´m so glad we don´t have rattlers here in Finland...scary, iiiikkkk.

  4. do you dare go that close to a rattlesnake? Usually I like snakes, but I´m not sure about that one. But a great shot. :)

  5. You guys are b-r-a-v-e! I would have it removed and not take any chance of a closer unwanted, unexpected encounter. How did you come across it?

  6. Yikes...I would settle for a nice gentle bullsnake. Last week, on the bike path, there was a rather large snake that cranked up the startle factor. While I have pedaled up on ittle bitty garters, this guy was a full 3-4 ft long!


  7. Sammy the Rattler has been relocated. The Lizard was worried he might tangle with one of the children in the neighborhood, so he trapped Sammy, the snake played dead (I never knew snakes could do that!!!), and transported him to a canyon uninhabited by humans, where the snake flashed a dirty look before slithering off to find a new home.


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