15 June 2010

Final Installments

Let's hope is isn't this cold in Colorado this monthHere are the final two months of my free weekly planner... November and December. Enjoy!

Here's to hoping I am able to do a real, genuine, official version of this calendar in 2011.

Of course, strings are attached... you know, all that legal mumbo jumbo. This calendar is copyrighted and provided by Snowcatcher Photos. You may print the calendar and share the calendar via link back to this site. You may not under any circumstances sell the calendar or any of the images therein. Modification or republication of the calendar or any of the images therein without prior written consent of Snowcatcher is strictly prohibited.


  1. The light capture is simply brilliant! I love the detail of that single crystalline droplet, ready to explode...

  2. The drop is like a beautiful jewel.

  3. What a gorgeous picture! I want to hang it above my couch!

  4. If I don't keep my jaw from falling every time I look at your photos, a fly will move in!
    There truly are no words to describe your photo art.....none.

  5. WOW! Beautiful picts :-)
    I am feelin kind of sentimental looking at your pictures today...

  6. Thank you all so much for the kind words! I'm sorry to be so tardy in approving comments; I've been Riding the Rockies with no internet access. Thanks for making me smile even though my sit bone is incredibly... um, tender...


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