11 April 2024


I didn't incorporate an eclipse block last year into any of my digital temperature quilts, and I didn't do anything special with the eclipse day motif in my 2023 crochet temperature project. We had less eclipse this year than we had last year, and I was working, to boot. But I got it in my head I needed to do an eclipse block, and I just couldn't let go of the idea. I'm pretty happy now I played with my projects. I like most of what I got!

My 2024 digital batik temperature quilt is sort of a mockup of how I plan to use up my stash of leftover charm squares in a real quilt one day when I have time to make a real quilt. After last year's digital rainbow temperature quilt, I wasn't sure I wanted to do another rainbow. I didn't like the red and orange in the project. The finished project is growing on me now. I had a Zazzle T-shirt printed with the design, and it's a real hit when I wear it in public.

a new T-shirt

I definitely love the 2024 digital batik temperature quilt a lot more now than I undoubtedly will like it once we hit orange and red temperatures this summer. But I'm hoping this project will slowly worm its way back into my heart once it's done, and then I'll know it's okay to make a real fabric quilt with a rainbow temperature scale.

I was certain I had created a snowflake to commemorate our 2017 eclipse adventure, but I apparently did not. I thought maybe I could substitute my 2022 event horizon-inspired snowflake, which I've now discovered I never actually worked up, even though I had a great idea when the singularity was first photographed. I searched my snowflake stash and decided my Seek Snowflake would suffice.

My 2024 digital batik snowflake temperature quilt uses the same color scheme from my 2023 crochet temperature project, and I still absolutely adore it. I have a collection of turquoise, green, rose and purple batiks I plan to use in a real quilt one day, and this digital project is sort of a mockup of what that might look like. I'm even tempted to appliqué real crocheted snowflakes to make the most fabulous real quilt ever. My digital project makes me yearn for the day I can get back to sewing on a regular basis.

I decided to try something a little different this year with a different color scheme for each season in one digital temperature quilt. I was so happy when the first day of spring fell on the first block of a new row.

2024 Digital Snowflake Seasonal Temperature Quilt eclipse block

I wasn't so sure I liked the idea after the first four or five spring blocks. Now I'm into my second row of spring, and I think the summer palette is going to knock this thing out of the park. I'm no fan of hot weather, but I can't wait to see what the next color scale will look like next to spring. And I'm a little anxious for warmer overnight temperatures right now, not only for my garden, but also to see how the spring rows will look when they begin getting a bit darker.

My favorite 2024 digital temperature quilt, of course, is the blue one. I really think this would be an outstanding real fabric quilt. Expecially with appliquéd snowflakes!

I'm working up a digital fat quarter, as well as a yard, to print via Spoonflower. The yard will be the whole year. The fat quarter segment will be finished faster. Perfect for the low-patience level I'm running right now drooling over this project. I estimate the fat quarter will be done in about three months, and I think I may have to make a dress or coat out of this fabric once printed!!!

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  1. "I searched my snowflake stash". Who else could write that phrase? :D

    I love your inventiveness with these temp quilts - so many amazing ways to interpret the theme. This year's idea is a winner for sure. It will be amazing to see the warmer temps kick in.

    Almost forgot to say, awesome t-shirt!


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