14 December 2023

to be done, or not to be done...

That is the question. It could be done. Or it could go another 31 days.

What to do. What to do.

If I make Tuesday's motif, I'm committed to two more rows, or 30 more motifs. I probably run out of three or four more colors. I continue to pressure myself with daily motifs through what has been a very challenging fourth quarter. And I perhaps nix any ideas of doing another temperature project because I don't think I want two overlapping crochet temperature projects. And if I decide not to do another one, I cheat myself out of another masterpiece like this, perhaps in an even better color combination.

I keep telling myself deadlines won't be as crushing come January 1. But I can't stop thinking about next November and December. Part of me really doesn't want that part of the repeat. I could do a 10-month crochet project. Or I could dig my heels in and do the actual fabric quilt I wanted to do this year.

Oh, man. I hate decisions like this!!!

On the very bright side, another month of digital snowflake temperature quilt is done!!! Man, this is going to be a beauty when I finish the next panel, which also will run into January. But digital isn't as much of a time hog, and oh, how I adore this project!!!

1 comment :

  1. It's a tough call indeed. I can't tell you what would be the best choice because they are all beautiful and exciting!


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