02 April 2024

Couch Life

TV was never really our thing prior to PD (Parkinson's). Now that we can't be weekend warriors anymore, TV is just about our only outdoor solace, especially in winter.

People with Parkinson's generally do not die of Parkinson's. They die from falls caused by Parkinson's. That makes me a real stick-in-the-house when it comes to risk in icy conditions. Too much is already happening to Lizard. I don't want anything to make it worse.

We used to love making the March trip south to Monte Vista for the annual sandhill crane festival. I've wanted to return there for the last two years. I'm not sure we'll be able to take that kind of trip anymore. Thank heavens for livestream sandhill crane migration!!!

We used to love to cross country ski on the Grand Mesa. We did try last year, but that four-hour road trip (which now takes us six to eight hours) does Lizard in. I did get a few snowflake photos, but Lizard was not able to tolerate the cold, the crowds or the restless legs that were magnified by the hours spent in the car.

We actually could watch downhill skiing livestream, but neither of us wants to do that. However, we are able to see all our favorite winter sport competitions, such as skiing, figure skating, ice dancing, biathlon and, yes, cross country skiing, a day or so late, which delay doesn't bother us at all. I will never give up hope we can don the cross country skis again one day, but it's fun to watch winter sports together, warm, in the comfort of our own living room, too. With a cup of sugarless hot cocoa!

We dreamed of international travel. That's probably not going to happen now. But we've sure enjoyed documentaries on Antarctica, Greenland, Iceland, Svalbard, New Zealand and South Georgia Island. After you've finished all the documentaries, YouTube starts recommending travelogues and cruise ship reviews/promotional videos. And some of them have been enjoyable. Nothing like taking a luxury cruise without paying a dime! We did discover we're not really into the luxury aspect of cruises. We're more interested in the Zodiac and helicopter tours than fine dining or luxury suites. We'd both be fine with almond butter and jelly sandwiches we packed along for the trip! (Because, of course, we can bring our own homemade and sugarless versions!)

Snow monkeys in Japan were high on our bucket list, too. We found some of the most delightful videos that can actually put us to sleep at night! Then we can pick up where we left off the next night, and very likely fall alseep again. There's enough video to last four or five nights (with the TV on 30-minute auto off). Yes, we've done that.

Since I was a little girl, I've wanted to see the northern lights in person. That's probably not going to happen now. But there are livestreams! And when we get big solar storms, such as the dynamos that launched last week, we can enjoy the northern lights from the comfort and warmth of our own living room, and not suffer a single overcast, heavy clouds disappointment. When the skies are not cooperative, we can change the chanel and watch something else. While sipping on our sugar-free hot chocolate!

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