18 January 2024

Ta da!

The ugliest digital quilt I've ever created is done! Boy, it felt good to be done with this one. I stuck with it the entire year and finished it even though I didn't like it. The layout isn't so bad, but I really dislike the color scheme. So I will be altering my stash of fabric charm squares; I will NOT make this quilt with real fabric using this color scheme. So, so thankful I did a mockup rather than ruin my beloved leftover charm squares!!!

I'm trying a different digital layout with the same color scheme to see if that will make a difference. I'm also trying a new digital color scheme because I like the way my 2023 crochet temperature project turned out. But I think I've already learned I cannot make a daily fabric temperature quilt until I retire. I've got plenty of breathing room before I dig into the charm squares. And I'll probably be adding more to the stash as I get started sewing and quilting again... Yes. It WILL happen!

Speaking of my 2023 crochet temperature project... also done!!! Yay! Yay! Yay! It's my most favorite crocheted project ever. While I was using the pinks for hot weather, I began to not like the project or the color I'd chosen for the hot temperatures. Once I got back into cool temperatures, the pinks really began to grow on me. One of my dear friends, Mrs. Micawber, commented it looks like the Northern Lights, and that really turned my attitude around. I love this work of art so very much now!

This is just the most beautiful thing! I guess it will be a wrap; but as long as I don't do anything to it, I can change my mind at any time and use it for a different purpose. I'm certain it will be quite versatile. It probably get used in lots of photography!

And my digital snowflake temperature quilt... Ta da!!! I DO want to piece, appliqué and quilt a fabric version of this some day (with real crocheted snowflakes). I love my digital snowflake temperature quilt more than words can say. This might be one of the first things I begin quilting again when I finally get to crank up the sewing machine again. I've printed 11 of the 12 segments via Spoonflower, and I don't need the last segment to get started. I will need it to finish. But I can play to my heart's content until then. Boy, do I ever have some ideas for the fat quarter remnants!

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  1. Okay, this is seriously gorgeous! I'm so glad you kept going with it.

    I actually like the top digital quilt, but it was a great idea to test the design on screen before using fabric. And the bottom digital quilt looks amazing. (I've been cleaning out my sewing stash, and found some of my old quilt notebooks from the 90s where I would sketch and color designs before making them. A computer would have been so much faster.)


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