07 February 2023

Checking the Mercury

Digital January 2023 Snowflake Temperature Quilt

I couldn't resist doing another digital temperature quilt this year after the wacky highs and lows we experienced in December. Our thermometer has calmed down quite a bit now, but that just forced me to think outside the box.

my boring January 2023 digital temperature squares

I mean, after all, I liked the month of greens on my 2023 Kona calendar better than my own digital temperature squares!

I am experimenting with different temperature color schemes. I'm getting some interesting results, and I'm learning I need to work with a color scale I love so I don't get tired of it. I'm learning what I like best, which will help immensely when I do finally cut into the gorgeous batiks I plan to one day use in a genuine fabric temperature quilt.

Here are the color combinations of which I am not overly fond (and am not terribly motivated to finish).

This one's not bad. It might make a nice quilt back.

This is my favorite digital quilt (with my own village temperatures) so far, done with nearly the same scale as above, but a totally different layout. This one also snakes back and forth instead of starting over at the top every 16 days. (It includes December 2022!)

Because my own village temperatures were not giving me the variety I anticipated for a fabric temperature quilt panel I'd like to have printed by Spoonflower for a unique idea I've come up with, I decided to record Gunnison's daily highs and lows. Gunnison once was one of our favorite places to visit. It also has a radically colder climate than the Rockies-nestled village where I live. That white square is because the -22 that night was off my color chart!!!

Gunnison January 2023 Digital Temperature Quilt

I also tried Fraser, which is billed as the icebox of the nation, and The Wave on the Arizona/Utah border, which, not surprisingly, does not have an official weather station. Fraser did not have the jumps I wanted. I got quickly bored with the temperatures recorded in Cody, Wyoming, even though I love visiting there, because there wasn't much difference between the high and low and not much variety at all throughout my experimental week. I tried to think of another location I love that might have a wider variety in daily readings, and on a whim, I tried Pikes Peak.

Pikes Peak Summit January 2023 Digital Temperature Quilt

Can you believe 14,115-foot Pikes Peak actually was warmer than my little village the last two days of January! (I'm just shy of 6,000 feet.) What a riot!

Pikes Peak temperatures are better than what I got with my own temperatures, but for now, I've decided to stick with Gunnison. I really like this color palette!

Gunnison January 2023 Digital Temperature Quilt

I also came up with this beautiful new design I absolutely cannot wait to finish with an entire year of Gunnison highs and lows. I think this is going to make the most beautiful Spoonflower panel!!!

my new color chart with my village highs and lows for January 2023


  1. Wow, I had no idea that digital quilts were a thing. These are so fun, especially the last two.

    1. Ha, ha! I don't know that digital quilts are a thing, but I sure enjoy doing them!


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