07 March 2024

Snowflakes Galore

My first quilt finish since October 2022 is in the mail en route to recipient Baby Evelyn!

Because there's not enough time left to make a quilt for my boss who is getting hitched this weekend, the newlyweds are receiving a stash lap quilt I finished back in 2022. It features two of my first Spoonflower snowflake temperature quilt panels, way back before I really knew what I was doing in creating digital temperature quilt panels from existing photographic images. I definitely love the cool side better than the warm side, but I think back to back, the two months contrast beautifully. I think my boss, who has always been a fan of my fiber creations, might enjoy it.

I cut rows off the December and November yardage of my 2023 digital snowflake temperature quilt yardage to create the border for Evelyn's quilt. I had designed the Spoonflower fabric to be cheater panels for puff quilts, but I found out the hard way puff quilts take a LOT of work. My January/February sampler is going to be awesome when I finish it, but the remainder to be quilted it too big to push through my little domestic sewing machine, and I don't really want to try to do it with the longarm. Which means I'll probably end up doing it by hand. No worries; I can do it. I just have to do it. Maybe now that I have my first two 2024 deadlines out of the way, I can get some work done on this project and get an idea of how long it might take to complete it by hand.

I have ten more yards of 2023 panels. All of them were 9 rows by 8 rows. The two I cut up to finish Evelyn's quilt are now 6 rows by 6 rows, which I thought might work great as a very large quilt. So now I've cut up the other ten yards to match. Sewn together, all 12 would make a GREAT puff quilt, but I don't know that I want to put that much time into it. I can do a regular quilt without the puffs, and although I'd have to keep reloading it only my baby quilt-sized Sweet Sixteen (which I affectionately call Ringo), it would still take a while. I've got time to think about it, so the panels are stacked in order by month until I decide what to do with them. Meanwhile, I've got plenty of snowflake strips now from the trimmings I will be able to use in countless projects. Perhaps another baby quilt, but also, maybe the blue squares can become part of the backing for my Moda Blockheads II quilt...

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